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> Secret Santa Custom Pillow


HaloMiner — Elevates everyday materials into inspired apparel and accessories

HaloMiner designs and creates clothing, jewelry and home accessories. We repurpose textile samples, fabric remnants and clothing into new contemporary clothing, pillows and purses. We also recycle aluminum cans and food grade packaging into jewelry and accesories — transforming them without extensive re-manufacturing costs.


HO HO HO! — It's time for the Secret Santa Workshop!
Sunday December 7 — 1-3pm!
a KIDS ONLY holiday gift workshop

(EVENT is now full!!!) Contact us for cancellations.

Children 8 and over spend 2 hours on their own, making and wrapping their own gifts. We are very excited to hold this event this year in our new 1st floor studio.

> Secret Santa Ornament

We have added some changes and special offers:
- Custom pillows can be designed for an extra fee of $20 each and will be ready to pickup the following Friday. We have created pillows as a part of past workshops but we feel the pillows are a very special gift and need extra time and care by us to be done right. (This offer includes pocket pillows or accent pillow which retail in stores for $32!)
- We want our artists happy. Many have attended multiple events so we would like to know if they have special ideas. If there is something that interests them, please note it in "special instructions" and we will try to accomodate them.
- Older children over 12 are welcome. If their age is specified on the registration dropdown, we will provide some more advanced projects. If they have specific interests, indicate it in "special instructions"
- Younger children or those with special needs are welcome if accompanied by a responsible helper.
- As a special thank you to our artists and their family, we will offer a private half hour shopping opportunity at the end of the workshop and a 30% discount on HaloMiner items*. *This includes in-stock studio merchandise only and runs from 3-3:30 pm on workshop Sunday only.

Cost $30 each child. $25 each for multiple family members and $20 for each custom pillow added.

See instructions below to register and contact us with questions. Pam imprint@me.com or Nicole nicreblando@yahoo.com


(DIY) Design It Yourself Pillows — created from your artwork

Email us your original artwork and we will create an original pillow using repurposed designer fabrics.

Cost $40.00 Free shipping available within US.

email nicreblando@yahoo.com for more info


Repurposed art projects are a great choice for anyone's special day. We also do Girl Scout troop badges, ladies night out
. See details.








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